Arguments for: 
- Another one who gets handicapped year after year. A couple of years ago at TIFF, Jake was the most googled star of the festival. So he’s definitely known. The MiniVan Majority definitely knows him. 
- Jake is currently Oscar campaigning. He was at the Hollywood Film Awards the other night. He’s trying to build momentum for Stronger. The reviews were fine. And it did fine at the box office. But not fine enough to not have to make a push. And he’s definitely pushing. He’s definitely making the rounds. 
- His commitment to Stronger is strongly connected to his relationship with Jeff Bauman. He wants us to know about Jeff’s story. And to get that story out there, he may need the MiniVan Majority. If he accepted the title, he would be doing it for Jeff. 
- Jake is good friends with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan’s been the Sexiest Man Alive before. It didn’t hurt him. He went to great success with Deadpool. That might have changed Jake’s mind about it?
- Please. PEOPLE’s been hard for Jake to be the SMA for years. 

Arguments against:
- The only argument against Jake being the Sexiest Man Alive is his own. He seems to have the same attitude about it that Ryan Gosling does. That it’s a joke. That it wouldn’t work for how he’s been managing his career. Jake can do Broadway and independent films and art house dramas and comedies and now he’s producing would the SMA fit in to all of that? 

Odds: 12 to 1

Here's Jake at a SAG-AFTRA event for Stronger with Tatiana Maslany this week.