Last night was the Broadway opening of Sea Wall/A Life starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge. Jake and Tom posed together on the red carpet and his MCU friends, Sebastian Stan and Tom Hiddleston, also showed up to support. He wore a grey suit over a t-shirt, no gold chain. Still kind of a wiseguy look though, non? Not my favourite. 

But we’re here to talk about his love life, not his favourite. Jake is typically pretty undercover about his romantic business. So I was surprised to see this morning that Jeanne Cadieu, the French model he’s been dating for about a year now, was also there. She walked the carpet alone but, I mean, obviously she was there for him. By his standards, this is red carpet official. Later on, Jeanne joined Jake at the after-party. 

Earlier this week, Page Six reported that Jake and Jeanne are “getting serious”. Jeanne has apparently spent time with Jake’s family and they’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard together. That Jeanne to still show up at the premiere just after New York’s most infamous gossip column reported on their seriousness is telling. By this point in his career, Jake would know very well what the reaction would be, that Jeanne’s presence would be a story, almost a confirmation that they indeed are “getting serious”. Presumably, then, they don’t care. Serious indeed. Jake recently told Willie Geist that he would “hope to be a father someday”.  Do you think with Jeanne or nah?