I’m not really a bag girl. Shoes are my thing but not bags. On the rare occasion I find myself drawn to a bag, it’s more often than not a cross-body, pretty standard, no frills. Louis Vuitton released a duck bag a couple of years ago that I would have wanted…but it would have lasted a few months before getting tired. So my point is I’m a no on this pizza purse on Jameela Jamil. (Go Fug Yourself)


Pete Davidson is returning to Saturday Night Live next week and word is he doesn’t plan on making any jokes about Kim Kardashian which is a smart move. Because he’s already primarily known for who he’s dated and not his work. And mentioning her would just be an extension of that narrative. Pete, by the way, comes up in John Mulaney’s new comedy special, Baby J, which Sarah just wrote about earlier today. The story is funny, I don’t want to spoil it. But if he’s going to mention any other celebrities, I’m thinking Baby J should be the one. (Dlisted)

A week and a half to go before the coronation and…guess who they’re all talking about over in England?! Meghan Markle, of course. This time they’re judging her for having a life when, I guess, she should be in hiding and not overshadowing the king. Which… I mean… if the king can be so easily overshadowed, who really gives a f-ck about the king? (Cele|bitchy)


John Mulaney is coming up a lot today because Sarah wrote about his comedy special, I just mentioned him in relation to Pete Davidson and now I’m mentioning him again in relation to Jimmy Kimmel. Because John has a lot of famous friends and that’s why he had a “star-studded intervention”. That’s what he calls it, not me. It’s part of the stand-up. And he was on Kimmel to promote it and they talked about how John stayed with Jimmy after rehab. (Pajiba)

Priyanka Chopra covers the new issue of ELLE ahead of the release of Citadel and she talks about how she might need a hobby because Nick Jonas has hobbies, like golf, so my next question is: play golf, girl! More celebrity women should play golf! (ELLE)