James Cameron did a scientific study about whether or not Jack could have survived at the end of Titanic, aka, was there room on the door for him? And basically, yes, there was. But it might have lessened Rose’s odds of survival to share the door, so Jack sacrificed himself so she could have all the door. Girl, just move over. (DListed)


In her own words, the inimitable Sheryl Lee Ralph talks about her mother, The Honorable Ivy Ralph, who designed a game-changing menswear style called the Kareeba. I am now wiki-diving the Kareeba. (Popsugar)

Recently married Rita Ora hard at work. (Go Fug Yourself)

You know I love celebrity real estate, and I love AD Open Doors, but David Harbour and Lily Allen have gone TOO FAR. There is CARPET in their BATHROOM. Gross! I don’t how care colorful or cool it looks, that’s a bacteria magnet! I won’t even have a cloth shower mat in my bathroom (wood is so much easier to clean). The fireplace, though, I love. I dream of a bathroom big enough for a tub next to a hearth. I would never leave the bath. (Celebitchy)

We here at LGHQ stan Top Gun: Maverick, and so does poet Elizabeth Cantwell. Here she goes long on Maverick, regret, aging, human frailty, and the meaning of life in the face of cold machine efficiency. This is a beautiful essay in and of itself—amaranthine!—but it also gets at what kept Maverick so fresh and vital in my mind all year. I just kept turning over all the small details of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell 30+ years down the line, a man who made himself of a god only to find himself alone, lonely, and riddled with regret, trying not so much to fix his problems as prevent the cycle repeating in the next generation. Is it military propaganda? Yeah. But it’s also a great movie about getting older and letting go. (Bright Wall/Dark Room)