The thong party – it wasn’t a party I was invited to when it was the fashion party to go to in the past and now that the thong party is happening again, it’s still not a party I’m getting an invitation to but if you were into this party back in the day then good news, because the visible thong has returned, so in the immortal words of Tony Stark Iron Man, “clench up”, and show it off. (Go Fug Yourself) 


If we weren’t on summer hiatus on Show Your Work, I would have pitched this story to Duana – James Gandolfini was apparently paid $3 million by HBO to NOT be on NBC’s The Office. My questions are: was he actually serious about being on The Office? Given his reputation for being choosy about his work, would he have really wanted to The Office to replace Steve Carrell? Or did he use that offer to his advantage? If I remember correctly, there was actually an episode of The Office where Michael thinks that a dude trying to sell him insurance is in the mafia and feels pressured into buying a policy that he can’t afford. I think it was after Pam and Jim got married. Anyway, I wonder if the writers were trying to connect to that episode with James. (Dlisted) 

Gillian Anderson is done with bras. I’ve spent more time without a bra on in the last 16 months than I ever expected to and that’s definitely not a complaint. That said, I only wear sports bras or bralettes so I don’t regularly experience the discomfort that other people do where bras are concerned, what with the underwire and the clasps and the pinching etc. Still, I don’t think I could live a bra-free life in public – and the reason is because if I don’t have a bra on, I am always touching my breasts, like absently and not to stimulate either. It’s just a reflex for me. My hands are quite often on my tits. (Cele|bitchy) 


This is supposed to be an article about Stephen Colbert but it’s really an article about hot dogs, one of my favourite foods. Something something about the numbers not adding up between the wieners you get in a package and the buns you get in the bun package. Which… isn’t my problem? Because the wieners I get at my butcher, which are made by my butcher, come in a pack of eight, and they also sell brioche hot dog buns, in eight packs. This is why I love my butcher. They carry La Fournée Dorée hot dog buns, which are the best and I love how it’s a top split instead of a side split so you just lay the wiener across the top, with the perfect gap so it nestles gently between the bread. Also my butcher sizes the wieners so that it’s just a little bit longer but not too much longer than the bun, which means you get a good wiener to bun bite ratio. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk on hot dogs. I give one every week. (Pajiba) 

Award season has been over for a few months. Do we miss Alan Kim? Of course we do! But he’s back, this time as a model – and he’s adorable and funny and STYLIN’! Seriously, I want to be the adult in this ad in a seersucker suit. Do they make it in grownup size? (The Cut)