I am low-key obsessed with Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg. They were in a movie together in 2015 called Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong and I don’t know how it was received but I think I watched it three times back to back. A romance set in Hong Kong? Please. I am powerless. Also I’ve had a thing for Bryan since he starred in Prime with Uma Thurman. 


Anyway, Jamie and Bryan are married now, they are parents to twin boys, and they were in New York yesterday, picketing in Times Square at the Rock the City for a Fair Contract rally. One of the actors’ union’s key messages is that this strike isn’t about the Tom Cruises of the industry. SAG-AFTRA has 160,000 members. A very small number of those members are movie stars. At the opposite end of the spectrum are actors who are struggling, people who show up for a day of work maybe a couple of times a month, if that. And then in the middle-ish we find actors like Jamie and Bryan. Not necessarily household names, but known enough… but also who don’t work all that often. Neither has had regular series work in a few years, they book an episode here and there once or twice a year – Jamie showed up during Connor’s wedding in Succession for all of 15 seconds – and they might get in on an independent film from time to time. 


My point is, even though some of us might be aware of who they are, they’re not at the top of the call sheet, or getting scripts sent to them every day. They’re the ones who the union is fighting for, so that they can make enough from one job to the next unpredictable job. 


Here’s Jamie out for dinner last night after spending the day on the picket line. She looks great in this dress, the dress of summer 2023, at least in my feed – the sheer printed body-con, a throwback to the 90s, right? Think the Spice Girls, only they wore these types of dresses with platform sneakers. These dresses are everywhere and the defining features, from all of the versions that I’ve been seeing lately, are the long sleeve, the high collar, and the colourful print. And if the full body isn’t your thing, the tops are all over the place and great for layering. I’m partial to the tops – under a long dress or a pair of coveralls, it’s super cute.