Jamie Foxx might not be single 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 27, 2019 17:32:41 February 27, 2019 17:32:41

The story about Jamie Foxx after the Oscars was that he said on stage at an event that he was single which is why everyone’s been talking about him and Katie Holmes breaking up. As I wrote yesterday in my post, it’s hard to get a read on their relationship since Jamie’s always ducking and denying where Katie is concerned. 

Incoming: possible update to the situation… 

I’ve received a few tips from people in Victoria, BC where Katie’s been shooting The Boy 2. They say that Katie and Jamie were seen having dinner last night, supposedly at Il Covo. If that’s true, was he always planning on visiting her or was it a last minute fly-in after all the headlines he’s been making over his “I’m single” comments? 

We should find out soon enough because I’m counting on Us Weekly or E! or whatever to see this post and follow up because I’m about to go into rehearsals for a live show at 1pm ET and then another shoot right after and your gossip shouldn’t depend on my work schedule. So maybe by the time all that is done this afternoon, a fresh set of headlines about Jamie and Katie will be out there and then a follow-up about how unconventional their relationship is and how they don’t subscribe to labels. Standing by…


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