I’m convinced that Janelle Monae is a time-travelling superhuman from 2067. She is too damn cool for us mere mortals of 2018. She also loves telling futuristic fantasies and sci-fi fairy tales through her music, just like a future space traveler would. 
Look at this picture Janelle posted from the Vanity Fair Oscar party with Deray, Regina Hall, Rashida Jones, Gabrielle Union, Donald Glover, Lena Waithe and Chuck Lightning. 


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Take a moment to take in this red suit. It’s unreal. Everyone else looks great but next to Janelle, they also look dated. Their outfits are completely acceptable for 2018 but not for 2067 where Janelle Monae is visiting from. I’m obsessed with Lena Waithe holding her train and the fact that they basically sacrificed Donald Glover’s presence in this photo in the name of fashion. Future Janelle has already taken in unwitting servants. My only question for this photo is where is Tessa Thompson
Janelle Monae’s solo arrival shots at the Vanity Fair party are even more impressive. She’s giving the Beyoncé Single Ladies hand in most of the shots, presumably to show off her rings. Everything about this look is FIRE. The structure of the waist is stunning. The pants fall in the exact right places. The train is flawless. The bedazzled rose bowtie? I can’t compute. It’s too much. We know Janelle Monae loves a suit but this is next level. It may just be my all-time favourite look on her. It’s custom by Christian Siriano. He must be from 2067 too.