Some celebrities are polarising, and you want them to be. It wouldn’t be fun if, in those cases, we all agreed. But there are a few we all agree on. Not for fun but because, logically, we have to. There’s no other way to see them. That’s Janelle Monae, right? Like, we all adore Janelle Monae, true?

Janelle was honoured last night at the CFDAs for her work during the women’s march. And, according to USA Today, she “delivered a blockbuster five-minute speech rivaling anything heard at the Oscars”. That’s our girl.

You probably already know why Janelle almost exclusively wears only black and white. But let’s refresh the memory anyway: she does so out of respect for her family, the people who busted their asses so that she could have the opportunities she has. As she told the audience:

"My relationship with fashion...began with my music, as a way of paying homage to my working-class family. As a kid, I had to get very creative, because my parents could not afford the latest fashions. My mother was a janitor, my father was a trash collector and my stepfather worked at the post office, and they worked really hard to provide for my sister and me. They wore those uniforms proudly," she continued. "They helped build this country and they served their community with such great pride. And I stand here, in my black and white, giving honor to them."

So here we have this jumpsuit that reminds me of piano keys. And then half a jacket on one side to balance out the all black pant leg on the other side, symmetry and assymetry side by side. Which also happened to be the theme of her speech.

To read the full text of Janelle’s remarks, click here.

Please, please, PLEASE can she be a Charlie’s Angel?!?