Myrna! Welcome back to work! Teresa, Heather, Samantha, Alexander, and Vivian are all supporting you on what might be a bittersweet day and we’re all hoping there’s no bitter, just sweet. Because you worked hard for your career. Because you are great at your career. Because you being awesome at work can also be a gift to your children. Work hard, show your work, and have the best day! 

And for Maritza who is now without Thomas, the “alternative-tuxedo boy” – you grew up together, you were curious together, he was with you when you were meeting the world, and he left knowing that you’re ready for the world.  They know when it’s time. And that might just be Thomas’s final gift: he’s telling you that you’re good to go, being the boss that he was, if he believed it, it must be true. I wouldn’t doubt him, either, not by the face he’s giving in this photo. Thomas was right to the end. I hope you take comfort in that.