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Jared Leto is insisting that the stories about all the gift-stunts he pulled on his castmates have been exaggerated or even fabricated. And the media is to blame. The way I see it, this is not because he’s mad at the media. It’s because he’s mad at the media…for making him look like an idiot. If everyone was like, OMG, Jared Leto, what a genius, what an artist, he’d be owning up to all these used condoms. The problem is that instead we were all like, no, you’re a f-cking dick. (Dlisted) 

After Wonder Woman came out in June, and Chris Pine made his case, we’ve been talking about the Best Chris contest: Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, or Pratt. Have you ever thought about the Daves? Letterman, Franco, Bautista, Chappelle, or Grohl? (Bowie is not included because then it wouldn’t be a fair fight.) Right now, Grohl seems to be the one earning the most bonuses. So much so that he’s overtaken all the Daves and is now challenging the Chrises. (Pajiba) 

Three smiling presidents at the President’s Cup. How much do you think this will sting Donald Trump’s ass? How much of his sulky tweeting this weekend will be somehow connected to this moment? He’ll never admit it but if he pops off about one thing or another, just know there was a party he didn’t get to go to and that’s where the salt is coming from – this time. (BET) 

I don’t hate these pants. And I don’t hate culottes. Not even ones with pleats. You know why? It’s because culottes allow you to properly highlight your shoes. And they’re actually very flattering to the shoe. They present a shoe. They’re like stage curtains for your shoes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

F-cking love Taraji P Henson’s hair on this cover. As for her doing her own laundry to keep herself “normal”, I’m kind of a laundry expert. I spend a lot of time thinking about laundry. I’m always trying to come up with new hacks. But here’s something that you can’t find a hack for: filling up a load. Even if you pay someone to do your laundry for you, they won’t be able to make a complete load if there aren’t enough items in there yet. Sometimes I just really want to wear a particular t-shirt. But the shirt pile isn’t full enough yet. I know you’re going to say here that I should just hand-wash. Of course I could. But if you end up handwashing, you mess up the rotation! (Cele|bitchy)

How did I miss this? One of the Gallaghers and Idris Elba were in a fight over a hat. And now the fight is over… supposedly. I do not want it to be over, especially since I just found out about it. Also, it shouldn’t be over until the Gallagher is mewling at Idris’s feet. (Vulture) 

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