There were many people a few months ago who expected Jared Leto to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor in House of Gucci. He’d been nominated for a SAG for his performance and since the actors are the largest voting group of the Oscar Academy, and since at this point it feels like whenever Jared does his dog-and-pony method thing he’ll get a nomination, it was kind of a surprise when his name wasn’t called. Not that I’m complaining. 


But apply the same energy to the Emmys. Jared goes full method to play Adam Neumann in WeCrashed and he was in the running for a nomination. But he did not come up yesterday when the Emmy nominations were announced. That’s 0 for 2. Is the industry as over his sh-t as the internet is? Probably not. It’s an anomaly. Next time he decides he has to hold up production for almost an hour by faking a disability “while in character” they’ll blow their loads all over him again and give him a trophy. 

For now Jared’s still on holiday in the Mediterranean. He was partying the other day with Jason Momoa: 


And here are shots of him in Saint Tropez at Club 55. 

Last week we saw Jared in Italy with a young “mystery woman” who looked to me like the “daughter of a friend”. Her name is Daria Korchina, she’s a Russian model, and she’s 25 years old. I love how we’ve come to a point where when a 50-year-old Hollywood actor shows up with a 25-year-old model now it’s a relief… that’s she’s not under 20. That’s how these people have f-cked our perspectives.