Khal Drogo returned to Game of Thrones, kind of, as Jason Momoa turned out for the Game of Thrones premiere. He came with Lisa Bonet, because everyone’s favorite couple is contractually required to appear on all red carpets together. Sadly, they did not color coordinate this time, and there was no matching velvet scrunchie for Momoa. But Lisa Bonet did show up in a cape, and Momoa is wearing a pink suede(???) jacket, so they’re still appropriately sartorially interesting, and incredibly hot standing next to one another.

Does anyone think Khal Drogo is actually coming back in the final season? I know Jason Momoa baited fans with an Instagram post with current cast members in Ireland:


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Some people took that as a sign that Khal Drogo will at least be seen sometime in the final season. I doubt it, unless it’s some kind of Daenerys dream sequence or In Memoriam reel for the show, which would be the length of a full episode in and of itself. Mostly I think Momoa was trolling, knowing how easy it is to hype GOT fans. (This is the problem with a theory-based fandom—anything can be a clue when most things are not clues.) I think we should just be glad to see Jason Momoa, and Lisa Bonet, on the red carpet together, looking as spectacular as always.