Arguments for:
- I mean, he’s pretty f-cking sexy. 
- Justice League. Aquaman. It’ll be the first time we’re seeing his character. The movie comes out exactly around the same time PEOPLE usually makes the Sexiest Man Alive announcement. Warner Bros wouldn’t mind the promotion at all. 
- Along with the comic book popularity, this will also draw the Game Of Thrones crowd,  not an insignificant audience. 
- He’s married to Lisa Bonet, only the coolest woman EVER. 
- Also appeals to men. Definitely has man-cred. 
- I feel like he’d be into it. The cheesy factor of being SMA wouldn’t hurt him. He plays a superhero that’s also a fish, after all. It’s not like he’s not in on the joke, you know? And he’s not Ryan Gosling. He doesn’t take himself too seriously like that. 

Arguments against: 
- Name recognition. There is no way the MiniVan Majority is universally familiar with Jason Momoa. 
- He’s one superhero in a movie with so many superheroes. Including Superman. Henry Cavill, also not a household name. Who’s already had his own standalone movie and hasn’t been named SMA. If Superman can’t get it done, would Aquaman be able to? 
- Jason recently had to walk back comments he made a few years ago, a joke about rape, after the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Being crowned the Sexiest Man Alive after that could be a problem.  

Odds: 15 to 1