Jason Momoa shaved off his beard – and people are really into their feelings about it. He shares the shave on a video he posted to promote environmental responsibility and a new water product that’s sold in cans instead of plastic bottles. This is, he says, the first time he’s gone without a beard since 2012. 


I don’t see the problem. He’s still hot as f-ck. In fact, he’s HOTTER now than he was before. That’s because beards aren’t my thing. I actively prefer no beards. In fact, let me share with you my ranking of men’s facial hair: 

1.A little stubble

2.More than stubble but less than a beard – like Charlie Hunnam here:


3. Clean-shaven 

4. Full beard, no thank you

So, yes, to me, on Jason, this new look is a major improvement. 

Others don’t agree. Here’s my favourite complaint tweet:

You know what we can all agree on though? 

Jason Momoa shaving off his beard is way better than Kit Harington shaving off his beard. I’m not even showing you a picture of that because we don’t need to be reminded.