These new Ken dolls are KILLING me. I have so many questions. Or maybe just one question: were they all modelled after Leonardo DiCaprio and his friends? Please, someone, once you have your hands on the entire collection, let’s assign each doll to a member of Leo’s Wolf Pack. Because to me the similarities are undeniable. (Dlisted) 

Sometimes people don’t sound the way they look: see David Beckham. Sometimes, however, people sound exactly the way they look. Like me. I look like an c-nty piece of valley girl sh-t. And I sound like it too. This guy? This guy sounds exactly like he looks. Can we, um, talk about his looks though? Since looks matter so much in his family? Because I’ve never understood the headlines about how handsome he is. Really? (Cele|bitchy) 

If Prince Harry wants to marry Meghan Markle, will the Queen stand in the way? And how? For starters, if she does approve, she will write a formal letter, putting her support in writing. Before that though, there are some other factors. And yet, history is actually on Meghan’s side. And… well… it isn’t. (Pop Sugar) 

How did I live this long without seeing Jason Momoa with short hair? And short hair and glasses? Yes, my God, yes, of course Jason Momoa deserves a place on the 2017 Pajiba 10. While I, clearly, deserve a place on the Disappointment List of the Year. Because, seriously, did I just forget that he could look as hot with short hair and glasses as he does as Khal Drogo, with long hair and eyeliner and his shirt off? Or do I just not spend enough time creeping him on the internet? Jesus. (Pajiba) 

Certain words have different meaning for Miles Teller than they do for everyone else. According to Miles, he wasn’t “arrested”, he was simply “detained” for being a drunk mess. Even though the cops have been pretty clear that he was “arrested”. And now he’s blaming someone else for all of it. Does anyone actually like this guy? He’s a good actor, sure. But whenever I see him or read about him outside of a movie, I feel violent. Just me? (TMZ) 

I’m a bit late on this article but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. It’s also hilarious but mostly, it’s IMPORTANT and TRUE. Because everyone knows this song. And everyone who claims to not like this song is, indeed, lying. Any song that makes you make a stank face even though you know you can’t really make a good stank face is a good song. Also, if you’re at a party and this song comes on and the room doesn’t light up, you need to leave that party and those people and never talk to them again. (VSB)