Jay-Z hasn’t called himself Young Hov in a while. It’s been so long, the other day I was asked what Hov meant and I blanked. Jay gave himself a nickname that forever tied him to his youth (and divinity) but I think he’s retired it. Feel free to correct me but I can’t recall Jay calling himself Young anywhere on 4:44. At 48, that ship has sailed. No disrespect to those of you in your late forties but I think your youth is officially over. The last time I wrote about Jay, I was commending him for his maturity. I was marveling at how much of a grown ass man Jay-Z now is. What I didn’t mention was that Jay-Z is now also dressing like a grown ass man. 

Jay celebrated his 48th birthday last night in New York with Beyoncé. Gone are the Yankees hats and the oversize t-shirts. Jay could always clean up well for a red carpet or event but over the years, his style seemed a bit stunted. During the 4:44 era, his aesthetic has been that of an almost 50 year-old dad/mogul. It’s not that he’s dressing old, whatever that means, it just feels like he’s leaning into his current period. I love this maroon suit on him. I love the sneakers. I love everything about this look, even the fact it doesn’t really fit like every true Dad getup. And then there’s Beyoncé. I don’t usually look at Beyonce and want her outfits. I look at her with awe and admiration but our styles are very different. She’s Glamour Flawless Chic and I’m more Athleisure Lazy Couture. However, I want this entire outfit – including the blue faux fur shawl. Gimme. 

I just spent two paragraphs on Jay and Bey’s date night ensembles before mentioning that these photos were taken in an elevator. Everyone else really cares that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were photographed in an elevator three years after the MET Gala incident. I’m not going to recap the incident. You know the one. Jay-Z and Beyoncé know that we know the one. They knew what everyone would say and they posed for pictures anyway. 

TMZ has video of The Carters exiting said elevator and at the 16 second-mark, Jay tells his bodyguard to move aside so the paps can get the photo. He tells the photogs to “come on up, get it.” Why would they want this photo op? In the photos, you can see Jay holding the elevator button so the doors stay open. This was deliberate. Why would Jay-Z and Beyoncé to want every story about them this morning to be rehashing what happens when “sh-t goes down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator?” 

Maybe this was the building’s only private exit and they knew the photos would be out there anyway. Maybe Jay-Z and Beyoncé want us to know that they are 100 per cent over the events of May 5th, 2014. Maybe they just liked their outfits and knew that this would make for cute photos. They look cute, don’t they? 

If I could ask Jay and Bey one question today, it would not be about the elevator. It would be why they felt the need to go see that Justin Timberlake/ Woody Allen movie on Jay’s birthday. Like, they could be anywhere. They could be on a yacht in St. Tropez. They could be at Oprah’s house. They could be at home with the Holy Twins and our lord and savior Blue Ivy. WHY Wonder Wheel