Maria wrote in the previous post about Beyoncé’s recent avocado Instagrams and why they felt so … not Beyoncé, what with the exclamation points and the use of actual words. Over the years, I have given Beyoncé my money. A lot of money. I’ve bought albums, concert tickets, tour merch, I subscribe to Tidal – and the reason why Beyoncé has access to my bank account is because the music, the performances, and the videos are The Best and the way she delivers them to me is The Best. I will always be here to throw money at The Best. She has worked really, really hard to be The Best. 

This is why there’s a disconnect between those Instagram posts and The Best. We know what The Best looks like, which is why we can immediately identify when it’s not. To that point, a notice for upcoming tour dates appeared on Beyoncé’s Facebook page yesterday. 

It was quickly pulled down. Someone hit the button too early. You can never be too early with the Beyhive though. Trained to be on high alert at all times, ready at any moment for the alarm, news spread quickly that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be touring this summer, On The Run 2, a show that presumably will combine Lemonade with 4:44. PEOPLE and E! News reported shortly after the post was deleted that the Carters would indeed be going on the road. So far their reps have yet to confirm or deny. 

But this is obviously not the way Beyoncé would have wanted it to get out.

It’s sloppy. And there is nothing Beyoncé hates more than sloppiness. This is why she watches back footage from her performances right away, often staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning, even when she’s on tour, to tweak certain elements, improve upon the show, issuing notes to sound engineers and stage managers and production coordinators on what changes to make before she takes the stage again so that the show can be even better. 

Between the avocado and the premature tour announcement though, Beyoncé’s staff might need a refresher on the standards that have been set by the greatest entertainer of this generation. What could possibly have happened yesterday for that to have happened? 

On Sunday, Jay hosted his first ever post-Oscars party. Madonna has been doing this for years. It has been considered the most exclusive Oscar after-party and where everyone wants to go after Vanity Fair. Jay decided this year that he would celebrate Mary J Blige’s historic Oscar nominations and start an annual tradition of his own – it went down in the garage behind Chateau Marmont and only 150-200 people were invited. So, basically, it was the highlight of Leonardo DiCaprio’s weekend, his ultimate priority. And here are some of the (other, much more interesting) people who went: 


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Did B’s team get distracted by the party and slack on quality control? Multitasking is the expectation when you work for Beyoncé. I would not want to be the person who was held accountable for the error. Or whoever was responsible for the avocados. It’s clear that Beyoncé is planning something either just before Coachella or just after. A tour at this point seems likely. Given that Beyoncé never takes on anything without 100% preparation to get as close to perfection as possible, and since we’ve now seen a couple of sub-par executions, how will Beyoncé respond? Does she tighten up the controls? What does that look like? I would like to apply. 

Here are Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lana Del Rey, and Tobey Maguire leaving Jay-Z's Oscar party in LA.