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Jay-Z spent a lot of money on his friend’s birthday this weekend. Apparently he was giving bottles away. Bottles worth more than $1,000. And he “only” tipped 15%. Which still amounted to $11K. If you’re the recipient of an $11K tip that represented 15%, are you bitching that it was “only” 15%? Or… the other question is… should someone like Jay-Z be tipping more than 15% given that he’s already spent that much money anyway? I used to work at my parents’ Chinese buffet restaurant. Sometimes I’d pack takeout. Sometimes I’d bus tables. Sometimes I’d work the cash register. Counting tips was my favourite part of the night because I always went out after and it was club money. Can you imagine counting your tips after working Jay-Z’s table? Was there a fight among the wait staff to serve Jay-Z’s table? (Dlisted) 

Speaking of really rich people, Ellen tested Bill Gates’s knowledge of grocery store prices. Look. I can’t fault Bill Gates for not going to the grocery store. For security reasons. If I was as rich as Bill Gates, I’d still want to go grocery shopping because I love it but I’d be worried about kidnapping. I’m not rich and I still worry often about being kidnapped. Home invasion and kidnapping are constantly on my mind. Anyway, Bill Gates, for some reason, thinks pizza rolls are a gourmet food. Well AREN’T THEY!? (Buzzfeed)
So guess what? I do not hate this outfit on January Jones. In fact, I love it. That’s a cute hoodie. And it’s excellent over the striped dress. My problem is not the hoodie and the dress together. My problem is that long part of the dress. Why is it there? Who needs it? Also I wouldn’t have gone with these white pumps. A combat boot would have been fine and way more comfortable. But the styling of the hoodie, the overall impression? No complaints. Better than a halter top floral dress. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Oprah, Steven Spielberg, and Amal and George Clooney have all pledged half a million dollars to March For Our Lives, supporting students who aim to end gun violence following last week’s school shooting. Amal and George will also be marching with the students on March 24. These students are engaged, they are determined, they are using their voices. And their voices are being amplified by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. (Cele|bitchy) 

What. The. F-ck!? I’m open to trends and pushing the narrow limits of style. Because we can do without body-con and lace and sheer and otherwise it would be all ballgowns. But this….this… EYEBALL thing is beyond my boundaries. Eyeballs on the forehead. Eyeballs on the hand. Someone will soon try an eyeball on the cheek. Maybe even multiple eyeballs all up and down the leg. It’s creepy. It’s spiritually offensive. I would feel like someone with that kind of eyeball was trying to steal my luck. There are luck-stealers out there, have I mentioned this? It’s dark magic. And eyeballs are exactly what they would use. (The Cut) 

Have you been enjoying Michael B Jordan? Have you been very much enjoying Michael B Jordan in a variety of different sweaters? Tight sweaters? His arms in those sweaters? If you’ve seen Black Panther you know that Michael B Jordan can fill out a sweater. He’s currently training for Creed 2 so he’s filling that sweater out even more. This is a problem for NO ONE. (Vulture) 

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