This Jeff Bezos divorce is big news – because he’s the richest man in the world and also because, for me anyway, it’s because Amazon is now a major content player in Hollywood. And this is the most Hollywood story ever. Funky timelines and overlapping relationships, so much money at stake - also… dick pics. Will this hurt him? Please. Again, he’s the richest man in the world valued at something like $130 BILLION. And now we know that he has a big cock. There are other angles at play here, like the fact that the National Enquirer is all messed up in this and whether or not there’s a Trump conspiracy going on behind the scenes. But remember, David Pecker, who owns AMI, the company that publishes the Enquirer, turned on Trump and gave information to Robert Mueller. There actually people saying that this story is the Enquirer’s attempt to prove themselves again. Like they had a reputation to worry about? (Dlisted) 

This week didn’t start off so great for Bradley Cooper and A Star is Born. But it’s gotten better and better and better with all those guild and BAFTA nominations. Coop and ASIB are still the frontrunners, especially since Green Book is taking such big hits. Kayleigh Donaldson breaks down here how Coop has played his campaign and his career and why some people are still so conflicted when it comes to his brand. (Pajiba) 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez bought an apartment together in New York last year. Now they’re trying to sell it. At first I wondered if this was a sign of something. But then again, the place only has three bedrooms. I say “only” because, you know, these people have a different set of requirements where real estate is concerned. Still, JLo and ARod have four kids between them. One is already a teenager. The other three are about to become teenagers. Obviously they need a bigger place right? Four teens can’t be sharing rooms. (TMZ)
Over the holidays, my father-in-law went to buy new pants. And my mother-in-law told him they were too short. And he told her that men don’t wear their pants long anymore. He’s right. Look at the length of Mahershala Ali’s pants. I love them. I love them with the boots. I love this whole outfit, especially the belt around the jacket. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Connie Britton is friends with Julia Roberts. Who would Julia Roberts have played if she was in Friday Night Lights? Anyway, Julia tried to set Connie up with someone recently and it didn’t work out. Julia is nothing if not determined. This is a future headline: Julia Roberts finds a husband for Connie Britton. (Cele|bitchy) 

When Jacek and I first started dating, I was really attracted to his ass. I’m still attracted to his ass. He has a great ass. It’s from hockey. You’ve heard of “hockey ass”? Sometimes I refer to Jacek’s ass as “bubble ass”. Its’ so perfectly round, it’s so perfectly lifted and perky, and all natural. He doesn’t have problems with jeans. In fact, he looks great in jeans (when he wears them because he lives in sweatpants). Because he has a great ass but his thighs aren’t trunks. Probably because he did not make it to pro hockey. Did you know that professional hockey players have problems with jeans? Their asses and their thighs are so thick, most jeans fit their waist but they can’t get them up over their thighs and their asses. Here is an article by Emily Kaplan, doing the Lord’s work, dedicated to the challenges of having a hockey ass. (ESPN)