Jeff Garlin, star of The Goldbergs, has been fired from The Goldbergs following an HR investigation into his behavior on set. He told Vanity Fair there was “no big story. Unless you want to do a story about political correctness.” Well, it turns out his co-workers on The Goldbergs wanted to do a story about “political correctness”, which in this case means, “We’d like the guy we work with to stop calling us offensive names and saying gross sh-t all the time.” Also, Garlin described himself as a “hugger”, which means he was definitely making people uncomfortable. We had a hugger once at work, and no one missed him once he was gone. (DListed)


Michelle Chubb, the woman behind the Tiktok account @Indigenous_Baddie, writes about self-acceptance and reconciling her identity through beauty. The bit about her hair really got me. I hate people touching my hair, and I almost never wear braids because of the Pocahontas jokes. (Popsugar)

Lily Collins went mod for an Emily In Paris screening. Are we hate-watching season two, or have we moved on? I honestly can’t remember what happened in season one, except that they teased a menage a trois that never happened. This is throuple erasure and I won’t accept it. Let the bland French-American throuple live! (Go Fug Yourself)

Tom Holland, whose current Spider-Man contract with Sony ends with No Way Home, is out here talking about “taking a break” and “starting a family”. While I am sure he is sincere about wanting a family—most people are—he’s also only twenty-five, and about to start contract negotiations. What I’m really hearing is, “Pay me more for the next trilogy or I’ll do some other sh-t.” (Celebitchy)

A list of every cast member who lied about Spider-Man: No Way Home along the way. This is why spoiler culture is dumb, it forces professionals to lie to each other, to their faces, even when everyone KNOWS they’re lying. Just let people talk about the movies they’re making, my god. (Vulture)