I’ve mentioned this before but I have a friend whose weird phobia is two people showing up somewhere dressed similarly. Like she can’t even handle it when we meet up for dinner and we’re both wearing chucks, basically the most commonly owned pair of shoes. I’m afraid for her to see these shots of Jeff Golblum and his wife Emilie in matching Prada shirts, on purpose. Pretty sure she’s going to pass out. I’m into it though. I would totally be down with dressing like this when I’m out with Jacek. My problem is I can’t get him out of sweatpants. (Dlisted) 

Frida Garza asks a very good and very funny question: “how horny are the Star Wars movies?” I agree with almost everything – and, yes, the second Hayden Christensen Star Wars movie which is horrible is also “alarmingly horny”, LOL. But where I disagree is that I do think The Last Jedi is pretty horny. All that telepathy between Rey and Ben aka Kylo Ren is kinda like phone sex, isn’t it? He had his shirt off once, remember? And there was some water that they were sending each other back and forth. That’s pretty f-cking suggestive. They totally would have mindf-cked if Luke Skywalker hadn’t interrupted them. Jesus. How many times have I watched that movie, why do I know it so well? I don’t, actually. I just know the horny parts really well. (Jezebel) 

There is only one person in the MCU who can cuss out the MCU. And you should know who that is. Samuel L Jackson, obviously. If I were the MCU, I would be afraid. They already pay him a lot of money and he might just charge them more over this mistake. (Just Jared) 
Becoming Beyoncé is the book most-often cited on the Show Your Work podcast by Duana. It was written by J Randy Taraborrelli and he’s now written another one about Taylor Swift. I wonder if will be the gossip reference, required text as the one about Beyoncé. Right now, the excerpt that’s circulating is about that time Taylor dated a Kennedy. Conor was 18 and, supposedly, Taylor scared him away with a multi-million dollar purchase. Only a Kennedy would be afraid of a rich woman. (Cele|bitchy) 

The new Thom Browne menswear show featured a lot of balls. Like actual balls. Jayden Smith or Jared Leto will probably be wearing one of these pieces to the Met Gala next year. But wait… are those actually shoe balls? Like shoes that are balls? (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’m killing the quizzes lately. And I’m not a millennial. Apparently you have to be a millennial to pass this “Mr Brightside” quiz? Please. I’m just someone who has listened to their first two albums over and over and over again. Half their songs are on my running playlist. The Killers are great band to run to, has anyone ever talked about this? (Buzzfeed)