Jenifer Lewis got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend. She wore this chartreuse pantsuit and told everyone to vote like our lives depend on it, because they do. (Go Fug Yourself)


Tom Bower, a royal reporter, has a new book coming out about how Meghan Markle started a “war” within the Windsors, as if these people haven’t been eating each other alive for generations already. I wonder, if the royal media had to keep Meghan’s name out of their mouths for twelve consecutive months, what would happen? (DListed)

Sylvester Stallone vented his spleen over the weekend about Rocky producer Irwin Winkler, and his son David Winkler. The Winklers own the rights to Rocky and Creed. Despite being the creator/writer of Rocky, they’ve never cut Stallone into the ownership of said rights. This is not the first time Stallone has been publicly annoyed about it, and it probably won’t be the last time, either. It sucks the Winklers won’t give him even a small stake, as a symbolic gesture if nothing else, but it speaks to how lucrative Rocky/Creed remains that they won’t share that pie. (Pajiba)

Speaking of Meghan Markle, she and Prince Harry are in New York, where Harry gave an address to the UN for Nelson Mandela Day. They remain, at least publicly, unbothered. (Celebitchy)


Texas Monthly released a new true crime article today by THE Skip Hollandsworth. He digs into the 1974 case of Carla Walker and her killer, Glen McCurley, who was caught decades later due to DNA evidence. Hollandsworth examines the evidence, and the possibility that McCurley has more undiscovered victims. If you’re a true crime aficionado, you know we drop everything when TM has a new investigative piece, ESPECIALLY when it’s by the legend Skip Hollandsworth. (Texas Monthly)