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“Leaky green boner” is an excellent nickname for Usher. It is wrong to stigmatise those with STIs. This is not, however, what the conversation is about. The conversation is about Usher’s rationale for why this isn’t his problem. By beauty-judging his alleged victim and then patronising her. Basically what he, through his people, is saying here is that sometimes he just likes to do the ugly girls a favour. THANKS, Usher. And thanks TMZ, yet again, for giving a voice to the man. (Dlisted) 

Jenna Dewan’s modelling workout gear…and the prints are really, really cute. I’m also into that mint green loose top. I’m a sucker for tops like that. The ones that fall off the shoulder and expose your back bra straps. Have I mentioned I wear sports bras exclusively now? (Just Jared) 

A random man decided to interrupt a woman at work by kissing her. She dragged his ass. Then he apologised. I would like to know though what was going through his mind. Because this, for me, is what we need to unpack. Was it really just a lack of impulse control? Or was it more like, “let me see how hilarious this will be if I just jump into her shot and put my mouth on her face, HAHA, ok I’m doing it! I’m doing it! It’s going to be so great!” (Buzzfeed) 

Right, so I’m obviously super into this outfit. First of all, it’s a blazer dress and I’m never mad at a blazer dress. Next, of course I love the sleeves. This is how this blazer dress is telling you it’s not like the others. And I’m definitely digging the white collar and the white shirt underneath instead of showing neck skin. Unfortunately she loses me at the shoes. Oxfords would have been perfect. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Girl Sh-t! Tracy Anderson calls out Madonna for being too demanding and wanting to look young. OK but is Tracy Anderson the spokesperson now for diversity in beauty? This is the same woman who once said women shouldn’t lift weights that are too heavy because bigger muscles were unflattering, right? I have a friend who went to a week of Tracy Anderson camp. She said several meals consisted of apple sauce, just apple sauce. (Jezebel) 

Rose gold? Or millennial pink? I say millennial pink because, as we’ve seen, millennial pink is in full domination right now. What’s the tipping point though? When millennial pink becomes Disney ears, does that mean its time is over? Not if you have a teenager in your life. If you do, you’re living with millennial pink until at least 2018. (Teen Vogue) 

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