I’m into the mood of all the red carpet fashion at the Wednesday premiere. There were two Wednesdays present at the event – Christina Ricci in a lacy, tiered black gown and also Jenna Ortega who showed up in a black veil which… yes, exactly, that’s exactly how the actor playing Wednesday Addams should dress. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Did you see the story about Uncle Chen, the Chinese grandpa who ran a marathon in three and a half hours …while chain-smoking? At first I thought this was some kind of hoax. It apparently is not a hoax. It is also not his first time. Smoking is bad for you, I want to make that clear. You know how I can tell? Because Uncle Chen is 50 and we have this saying in the Asian community – we Asians look 30 until we’re 60 and he definitely does not look like he’s 30. He’s 50 and looks like he’s 65 which… is rare for us! (Dlisted) 

I have something in common with Jenna Bush Hager: I never wear underwear either. I hate how it feels. I hate how restrictive it is. And I haaaaaaate how it ruins an outfit. Try it some time. Free-lipping it is a lifestyle. (Cele|bitchy)

I mean, I’ve never asked this question but someone did and I’m happier for it: what would Top Gun: Maverick be like with a cat?! It’s a really, really great movie. But this might be an even better movie? (Pajiba) 

I love brussels sprouts and OMGGGGG I am totally making this recipe with kimchi and scallions! (Eater)