Jennifer Aniston was photographed yesterday in Como still working on Murder Mystery in a pair of denim shorts. She looks really cute. I recently re-discovered jean shorts on a trip to Nashville. Haven’t worn them in years. Because the ones they sell at most stores now, I can’t do it. I can’t have that sh-t riding right up to my clit. Like, I love how they look on everyone else, especially the high waist, but I can’t make it work, I feel too self-conscious. And then I walked into a place called Imogene + Willie and found the perfect pair that sits just right and doesn’t skim the labia. I quite like Jen’s too but hers look like they require that belt and I try to live life without them. 

The guy Jen has her arm around is Chris McMillan, her long-time hair stylist. This is the deal. When she’s on a movie, he gets the job. Right now the job is to spend part of the summer in Europe. I’d want to be in Europe over the summer with one of my best friends too. 



In other Jen (fake) news, there’s a story going around that she and Brad Pitt are “seriously considering” getting back together… for a movie. A rom-com. As if. The source is a magazine called Heat. Which is reliably full of sh-t. That said, I appreciate the imagination. I mean, can you imagine? 

Actually…no. Has Brad Pitt ever done a rom-com?! Don’t say Mr & Mrs Smith. Not a rom-com. That’s an action movie. Is The Mexican considered a rom-com? I don’t consider it a rom-com. You know why? Because people get shot. A lot. This violates the criteria of a rom-com. I’m not trying to see any f-cking so-called rom-com when there are multiple murders and the two main characters hardly have any scenes together and nobody gets to show up somewhere in a pretty dress with great lighting. Conclusion: Brad Pitt has never starred in a rom-com.