Since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their separation, he’s been the more visible one, showing up front row at Paris Fashion Week and biking around NYC with his LV backpack, attending premieres, and reclaiming his too-legit-to-quit New York street cred. Jen’s shown up on friends’ Instagram accounts and we know she was in Tahiti last week but she’s mostly stayed off the paparazzi radar. Until yesterday when she was photographed leaving a salon, hair fresh, skin fresh, in cargo pants and brown suede wedge boots. (Do we have enough evidence to support a theory that she always goes back to the wedge when she’s single?)

Is it me or does Jen look a little … smug? I want her to be smug. I want her to be smugging it out right now. Because I’m a petty c-nt and Justin has come out of this looking like the fool. An “arty, edgy” fool who tried to be to New York what Drake is to Toronto. That just made laugh. I see her now and I’m like, girl, you seem lighter without all that pretention wafting in and out of your life. So much pretention it’s a wonder she didn’t choke on it. 

Not surprisingly, now that Jen and Justin are no longer together, the tabloids have been trying to make it  happen again between her and Brad Pitt. Until yesterday when it was revealed that he may be dealing with Neri Oxman. I mean, sure, it could be an elaborate front to cover up their secret reconciliation. Really, really elaborate. Because nobody’s just picking Dr Oxman’s name out of a hat and creating a story from it. This is not a name that bounces around the gossip radar. And, given what we know of Brad, the Dr Oxman connection seems really, really believable.