What’s old is always new again – will the teen in your life be wearing velour this summer? Because Baby Phat is back, updated for 2019. I wasn’t ever into Baby Phat the first time. I also never owned anything Juicy Couture. I did, however, succumb to the Lululemon yoga pants that were flared at the bottom, remember? Pretty sure we’re around the 15 year anniversary of that being a thing. And, looking back, I still don’t understand why. WHYYYYY? (Dlisted) 

There was a typo that was trending on Twitter most of the day. The President of the United States isn’t new to spelling and grammar errors. This is why I want so badly for the House Sussex Instagram to be better than that. There’s the regular person and Trump standard, and then there’s the Sussex royal standard – it should be the highest standard. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Fug Girls are confused about Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe. I actually don’t mind the asymmetry of her shirt here, and I quite like the skirt. But what made me laugh here is the comment about her tan, specifically her foot tan. And it reminds me of that line in Bridget Jones, when Bridget’s mom was talking about that cheesy boyfriend. “Well, close up, he was almost purple.” LOLOLOLOL (Go Fug Yourself) 

As mentioned, Chris Hemsworth is my favourite Chris (for now). Like I said, he’s just SO hot. But today I learned that he … can he sing? I think maybe he can sing a little? Or is my pussy making decisions for my ears? (Pajiba) 

Staying with Chris Hemsworth, he and Elsa Pataky went out for dinner with his best friend Matt Damon and Luciana last night and they took selfies. Matt Damon’s selfie face was inspired, sort of, by the Olsen twins. If I were friends with Chris and we were taking group selfies, I’d make him stand at the back. You’re bigger than everyone, man. Stop taking up all the space! (TMZ) 

We’re on a bit of a Chris Hemsworth train in this post so why stop now? The Ringer’s Miles Surrey is charting Chris’s road to being funny. This is Funny Chris Hemsworth: A Timeline. (The Ringer)