Jennifer Garner went out last night – dinner with girlfriends, including Chelsea Handler, all smiles, just like we saw the other day when she was leaving a workout, also with a girlfriend. Before meeting up for dinner though, Jennifer was seen in the same outfit, but wearing flats, taking daughter Violet Affleck to get ice cream. Oh but that’s good, isn’t it?

Maybe she just didn’t have time to change. Maybe she didn’t care to change. Maybe it didn’t occur to her to change. All those maybes add to relatability for the MiniVan Majority, already in solidarity behind her this week since Ben Affleck went public with Lindsay Shookus. While Ben and Lindsay are spending weekends in Vegas and trying to convince you that their relationship did not start while he was still committed to his wife, Jen’s with the kids, or with her friends, or running errands, or trying to stay in shape.

And that’s not all. Jen had a pretty full day yesterday. X17 photographed her supposedly visiting a “neurofeedback therapist”. According to Psychology Today, the therapist uses EEG to record “the waves of electrical activity emitted by your brain, and the basic idea of neurofeedback therapy is that you have the frequency of these waves shown to you, via sounds or images, so that you can learn to exert some control over them”.

Has this been recommended on goop yet?

Apparently some people think there’s a connection between neurofeedback and the auditing that they do over at Scientology. To be clear, people who use neurofeedback are not all Scientologists. Probably very few of them are. And there’s no confirmation either that Jen was actually getting treated there or if she just happened to be at the same building. The reason I wanted to mention it is because it reminded me that back when Tom Cruise was allegedly auditioning girlfriends, remember? Jennifer Garner was rumoured to be on that list! According to Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & The Religion Of Belief, Jennifer was among several actresses asked to meet with Tom to assess their bonafide potential. She was already engaged to Ben Affleck by that time so it never worked out but can you imagine the Sliding Doors of that situation?

But back to her dinner last night – they went to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, which is where Ben and Lindsay Shookus were first photographed together last Thursday, confirming their relationship. Well, everyone goes to Giorgio Baldi. As in celebrities. Which is why the paps park themselves there. So… I guess yeah?

What I’m most interested in is Chelsea Handler. Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston and regularly goes off on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Does this mean she has a new target? Will she start going off on Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus? The thing about Jennifer Garner though? Amazing Amy doesn’t need anyone to help her with her game. Not when she runs that the game all by herself.