Dear Gossips,

It’s been a week since Jennifer Garner took Ben Affleck to rehab. She’s also been getting her kids ready for back to school – which no doubt includes shopping for supplies, coordinating schedules, and probably so many other things – and focusing on them emotionally too as they wrap up their summer holiday while promoting her new movie, Peppermint, due in theatres on September 7th. So, you know, she’s busy. It’s probably been a lot. 

The Peppermint premiere was on Tuesday. Understandably Jennifer wasn’t taking questions on the carpet though she did spend time with fans. As I said when the trailer came out, I really want to see this movie. She posted a trailer for it on Instagram yesterday and the preview opens with these words, music pounding as they hit the screen: 


According to her stunt double, Shauna Diggins, Jennifer trained for three months before shooting and was responsible for almost all the stunts. “You feel her pain every time she takes a punch — you see her face feel the pain.” 

I mean…you could interpret that a lot of ways these days. So part of the satisfaction, perhaps, of seeing her f-ck sh-t up in Peppermint, tear down some walls, crunch up some metal, pound the sh-t out of the bad guys, will be cathartic. If it feels that way for the audience, I wonder if it feels that way for her too. This is just a few seconds worth of Jennifer Hulk-smashing her way through her scenes but I found it super therapeutic:


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Of course, of course, violence is not the answer. That said, everybody needs a release. There has to be some kind of release underneath all this calm sweetness. 

She was gorgeous on the carpet the other night. I don’t love this dress but the hair, full and soft, her skin, glowing and fresh – to be this light, the darkness has to go somewhere, you know? 

Yours in gossip,