Lindsay Shookus must be back in New York because she and Ben Affleck weren’t papped together all weekend and he stepped out on his own the other day. Jennifer Garner, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen this week. Coincidence or conspiracy?

While it’s been quiet then for both Ben and Jen on the personal side, professionally there is some news – this time about her career. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jen is in talks to star in a movie called Peppermint:

The revenge thriller centers on a young mother who, after her husband and daughter are murdered, finds herself with nothing to lose. Ten years later, she vows to take from her rivals the very life they stole from her, targeting everyone from those who pulled the trigger to the lawyers and cops who let them get away with the crimes.

The project is being described as a "female John Wick," a reference to the smartly budgeted action franchise that reinvigorated actor Keanu Reeves.

I never watched Alias. This is where you yell at me for having never watched Alias. Even though I’ve never watched it, I did see both Daredevil and Elektra. And while both movies were sh-t, she can do the physical, she was convincing as both a spy and a superhero. That was before she became America’s Favourite Mom though. And before we knew about the Amazing Amy underneath the mom jeans. Now, as Peppermint, she’ll be combining the two. And the MiniVan Majority gets to project the disappointment and the rage(?) they feel on her behalf over Ben Affleck’s f-ckery. Every time she punches a dude in the nuts, it’ll be Ben’s nuts. Every time she smacks a jackass in the face, it’ll be Ben’s face. Would you watch this movie?

The movie’s still in development, so it’ll likely be a while yet before we see it. But I can’t wait to see what comes out of the press tour. Jen, your character is avenging a major betrayal. Anything in your own life experience that you were able to draw on to play the part?