What do you call these … spikes on Jennifer Garner’s sweater? To me they look like the blades on the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Is that what you’re seeing too? That’s mostly what I’m seeing. The other part, because vaccines have been so much in the news right now, is needles. I am READY for my COVID-19 shot, by the way. I know I won’t get it for a long, long time but I AM READY. 


Is that what Jen’s sweater is delivering? Love through a vaccination needle? 

It’s probably the Iron Throne. 

And the heartbreak of taking it. Because, as we know, the throne and the pursuit of it caused so much pain and heartbreak.

I really like this sweater though, like on the style vibe. I always appreciate a sweater that is slighhhhtly longer in the back. Because I hate a back draft. This is why I’m not good with a crop top. My ma told me some sh-t when I was a kid about your “back getting a cold” and the bad luck that can come from it and every since, I always get paranoid about my back getting a cold. This, I know, is my own problem. Please go and live your life and wear as many crop tops as you need. 

And you’ll note, her denim mask matches her jeans. A good look overall.