Jennifer Garner was on IG Live with one of her best friends, Judy Greer, a couple of days ago. At one point she held up her mug and flashed a shot of a diamond ring, and now there’s speculation that it might be an engagement ring. People are wondering if she and John Miller are engaged. 


Jen and John started dating in 2018, broke up before lockdown, and got back together, reportedly, in April. She’s never spoken about their relationship and they are rarely photographed together. That said, over the last few months, when she’s been seen with him, it’s been in New York. I’ve read here and there that he lives there now but there’s never been any official, legit reporting on when that happened and why, but New York where he is based then this is currently a long-distance relationship. So if they are engaged will it be a long-distance marriage or will he move back to LA (if it’s actually true that NYC is his permanent residence)?

There’s no way she’s moving there. I don’t know her personally, obviously, but I feel certain saying that because she has been building her house there forever. Here she is checking on it yesterday and it looks like they’re getting close to finishing the actual house but the grounds are still far from complete and….holy sh-t how long has it been?!


Yes the pandemic must have delayed things, no doubt, but she was building this house well before COVID started. It’s been forever! I can’t imagine waiting this long to move into a place and then not living there and going across the country. 

Real estate aside though, for both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, as it’s just past the three year mark that their divorce became official, everybody seems to have moved on amicably. Both have respective romances that, and while one may be more spectacular than the other, they each have to play their part in making it work for the other person. Ben and JLo have their trips and their red carpets and the children are steady at home with Jen, but schedules must be cross-checked and coordinated with Ben too for Jen to go see John across the country. None of that can happen without productive and collaborative co-parenting.