Jennifer Garner hasn’t done much producing. She produced a few episodes of Alias way back. And a film called Butter a few years ago. But nothing since. At least not professionally. But Jennifer Garner’s been “producing” her brand for a long, long, long time. And she’s one of the best at it.

In the previous article about Ben Affleck that I posted a few minutes ago, I wrote about Ben Affleck, how he’s doing a sh-tty job of “producing” the rollout of his new (but probably not that new) relationship with Lindsay Shookus. Ben, who is in recovery, and Lindsay were seen twice at a liquor store in Maine earlier this week. They were out together last night in LA, Ben looking like a schlub, as usual.

While that was happening… Jennifer Garner? Well, Jennifer Garner was hanging out with his mom. It was a beautiful, sunny California day. Like most California days. And look, Jen and Chris are happily walking down the block, enjoying the weather but mostly the company. Jen takes her sunglasses off and hands them to her former mother-in-law, the grandmother of her children. They share a laugh. They put their arms around each other. They lean their heads into one another. They smile. Oh and the paps are there, totally by accident, of course, to give us an update on America’s Sweetheart, America’s Favourite Mom, who spent a decade with a f-ckup, who’s so loveable that even his mom can’t quit her. Which brings us, naturally, to the next question: how could he quit her? 

Well produced, Jennifer Garner. Well produced.