Every year, a celebrity in the audience at the Oscars becomes a meme when the camera cuts away to them and they’re serving some kind of face. It’s happened to Chrissy Teigen. It’s happened to Chris Pine. It happened to Meryl Streep, yes girling Patricia Arquette. Now it’s Jennifer Garner’s turn. 

To me it’s not that extreme of a reaction when you compare it to the other people I’ve just listed. But Twitter lives for that kind of moment. And so that’s what people were talking about when they talked about Jennifer Garner at the Oscars. Which is really too bad because what we should be talking about is the attitude she was slinging in this dress – “single and loving it” is 100% an attitude. And Jennifer was broadcasting that in a way we haven’t seen from her in a long, long time. 

It’s not the dress either. The dress is fine. She’s worn a version of it many times before. We’re not going to any new places with the choice of the dress here which, I haven’t even checked, but I would bet it’s Versace because, again, she wears Versace often, and she wears this silhouette in Versace often. What’s new here is the vibe. I watched as she arrived in the limo area. Even before the holding tent, even before she officially had to have her picture taken, Jennifer Garner was swirling, twirling, letting the chiffon pieces of the gown flutter around her, tossing that hair around, hair that was styled like sex – here was Jennifer Garner showing up at the Oscars to have some fun, as if to let us know that she is indeed “single and loving it”. 

It’s not like she hasn’t had fun at the Oscars ever before. But something was turned up in Jennifer Garner last night. And extra sway to her step. Did you see it too? 

Compare and contrast the last time she was at the Oscars two years ago, once again wearing Versace. 

Jennifer Garner 2016 vs 2018

The difference in the hair should say it all. In 2016, the hair was not feeling her. Last night? The way she kept swinging it back and forth, Jen’s hair was for sure feeling her, definitely putting something out there. Have any ideas why? Jen even hit up the Vanity Fair party instead of going straight home. It’s a convincing performance. You know what? I actually believe it. I’d like to see the same from Jennifer Aniston.