It’s not really an engagement walk, they just went out for dinner in New York last night, after it was confirmed that they are engaged. So it’s the first time the public has seen them since the news. Here they are leaving the restaurant and, as you can see, well, you can’t see. 

Her ring, I mean. 

Seems like she’s turned it around so as to not give up the shot. When Page Six broke the news the other day, their source said the ring was “massive”. There are some blurry pap photos floating around where you can see a planet on top of her finger but it’s hard to make out the details. 

Will we ever see the details?

If we do, will it be intentional? Like will this be a coordinated press situation – a photo shoot, a magazine cover, an interview? Or will she just show up on a friend’s Instagram like super casual? I’m asking because, sure, some might consider it distasteful to create a PR strategy around a personal life event. But, at the same time, it’s out there. It’s an entertainment news story. And certain people in that position would probably want some control over it, non? You don’t even have to be a celebrity to appreciate that. Please see civilians and their engagement ring reveals on Facebook/Instagram/wherever. 

The Oscars are happening in just over two weeks. We’ve heard that the Academy wants movie star presenters, big name presenters. Jennifer Lawrence presented last year, alongside Jodie Foster. It was the Best Actress category because they didn’t want Casey Affleck coming back. She’d definitely be on their list for this year – she has nothing to promote immediately, but X-Men: Dark Phoenix comes out in June and Oscar presenters have been to the Oscars to push projects that come out later than that – so it’s a matter of whether or not she’d do it. On the one hand, why go to all the production of Oscar night and the f-cking hassle that comes with it. On the other, it’s a fun night to party with no pressure – her friend Emma Stone is nominated, her friend Bradley Cooper is nominated, her friend Amy Adams is nominated, her friend Brie Larson is presenting – and why not show off that ring on the longest and biggest red carpet of the year?