Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney were spotted out for lunch in New York yesterday. I laughed at the caption from the photo agency that accompanied these shots describing her as looking “casually chic in a pair of tuxedo pants”. 


Tuxedo pants? 

Do you see tuxedo pants? 

I see loose-fitting pants, worn under a striped shirt, which has basically been all of our outfits over the last seven months… right? 

This is the COVID uniform. Jen’s wearing the COVID uniform. But has her version been tuxedoed? I have a hard time believing these are “tuxedo pants” but high five to the caption writer because whatever you need to do to sell your images, right? 

While we’re here though and we’re talking about COVID clothing and again, for many of us, I think, we’re just living in “tuxedo pants” aka joggers these days, right? What is your favourite jogger cut? I like mine with a drop-crotch like harem pant styles. And I can’t understand why there aren’t more available on the market. In my experience, any time a clothing brand offers a harem style jogger, it sells out. So how is it that it’s not just a standard?!