Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have been promoting mother! for a couple of weeks – in Venice, in London, in Paris, at TIFF. And they made a point not to stand next to each other at any of the photo calls and red carpets. Until last night at the NY premiere. So here they are, the first official non-pap shots of Jen and Darren side by side. I guess they were saving it for home, New York, where they live. Like a payoff and a reward as we move closer to the film’s opening. Not that the fact that they’re dating is going to sell tickets. This is not Mr & Mrs Smith, please. Is it just me? Sorry, I’m still not feeling it. At this point, I’m convinced that the only person feeling it is Joanna. Joanna might be the only person in the world shipping this relationship.

More interesting – at least to me – is that Jennifer wore a dress that’s almost identical to the one she’s wearing in the poster.

I mean if we want to get really speculative about hidden meanings here, I suppose we could wonder whether or not this is a clue. Like is she pregnant in real life? It’s an inevitable rumour, until she shows up on Amy Schumer’s Instagram drinking another beer.

What I’m more interested in is Jennifer Lawrence + Emma Stone. Did you see that awkward hug between them in Toronto?

Not exactly the unicorn photo that Joanna was waiting on. But then, last night, this happened:

Missing Brie Larson to complete that group text but Emma showed up to support her friend. And it’s not like Emma needs to show up for Jennifer Lawrence to advance anything for herself. The awkward hug then was probably about being observed. As Joanna noted in her post about the friendship, it hasn’t been performed publicly the way other famous friendships have been. With all those cameras around and knowing that they were a heatscore in that moment, it would have been similar to being in a romantic situation in public. Much more pressure than a still photo. That said, mother! opens this weekend and Battle Of The Sexes, Emma’s film, opens next Friday. Two friends, of the same age vintage, both recent Oscar winners, with well-reviewed films releasing so close together. Totally different projects, yes. But I’m kind of interested to see what those box offices look like.