Darren Aronofsky was honoured last night at BAM’s 2018 Gala. Jennifer Lawrence presented and they even posed together for a photo and allowed themselves to be photographed while they were talking, presumably catching up. I don’t think anyone is thinking here that there’s been a reconciliation. But, clearly, they broke up on good terms and there was some speculation that they may have still been hooking up in December although there was no follow-up and we haven’t heard any rumours about any sightings since. 

Jennifer has been pretty quiet the last few months, since the release of Red Sparrow. Red Sparrow wasn’t officially a flop but it wasn’t a major success either. I found it interesting the way its performance was interpreted – Scott Mendelson, writing for Forbes, said that Red SparrowProves Jennifer Lawrence Is a Movie Star” while Rich Juzwiak wondered in a piece for Jezebel how many more career risks she could afford. I wonder though if that’s the point, that she’s already earned the right to keep taking risks. 

Do you consider taking a break taking a risk? Jen said that she wouldn’t be working for a while after promoting Red Sparrow. She doesn’t have anything in production right now and nothing new has been announced. There’s a film about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos with Adam McKay that’s been in development for a couple of years but the last I heard they were still working on the script. So she’s actively taken herself out of the conversation (if she really wanted to be on a film set, she’d be on a film set, no question, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have a problem getting things sent to her) which is the great fear for entertainers – being forgotten in this business is a major concern. 

An artist reset, however, can lead to wonderful results. Celebrities have a hard time committing to making us miss them. That often leads to us getting sick of them, maybe them getting sick of themselves. I like it when she goes underground. She’s done it often in between projects. She isn’t on social media, she’s not showing up at every party, every premiere. When Jennifer Lawrence says she wants to disappear, she means it. 

As for her relationship with Darren, I posted in the previous article to this one about Emma Stone and Justin Theroux. Emma and Jen are very good friends. Justin and Darren are around the same age. And they both fancy themselves the “arty” and “edgy” type, Justin on his bike wearing LV backpacks and Darren with all his scarves and annoying cinematic punctuation (I am STILL annoyed about how mother! was styled in lower case with that f-cking exclamation point.) Imagine how pretentious that double date would have been?