This haircut. It still exists. I mean this is an old haircut. Rob Lowe wore his hair like this in Youngblood. But I see it almost every day. I kinda hope it makes a comeback. For serious. If trends go through cycles, why shouldn’t this hair be revived? Also it never occurred to me that Dolph Lundgren had such plump lips. Dolph Lundgren is returning to the Rocky universe. It was announced this week that Creed 2 will be released next November. Same time of year as Creed. Wonder if it’ll have the same impact. (Dlisted) 

Teen Vogue is will no longer be a print publication. They’re going digital only. And I guess their rationale is who the audience is. Young people, presumably, read on devices now. Presumably. I know a lot of young people who still go to the library, who love the bookstore. The big question for me with this news is where Elaine Welteroth will end up. Not that I’m worried about her. Elaine Welteroth will get it done. But what will Teen Vogue, digital-only, be like without her? (Pajiba)

We all have boyfriends that we wish we could Eternal Sunshine out of our lives. I would like to Eternal Sunshine all of my boyfriends, save two, from my life. Most of the people I’ve dated are heinous. Along with our birthdays, Serena Williams and I have this in common. Serena used to date Brett Ratner. And this video that’s now resurfaced explains why that didn’t last. Not that you needed THIS video to convince you of Brett Ratner’s grossness. (BET) 

Brie Larson smokes a flower and wears sheer gloves on the cover of Porter. What is with this sheer glove thing? How practical is a sheer glove? For photographs? Sure. But, like, how durable are they? Nothing is like the rage of sitting at a wood desk and brushing your leg against the underside and feeling a sliver hook on to your tights. Does this happen to you too? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you watch Jennifer Lawrence hosting Jimmy Kimmel live last night? I selfishly took great pleasure seeing her have to read the prompter. She wasn’t great at it. See? It’s not easy. Not even for an actor who’s used to delivering lines. Anyway, Jen interviewed Kim Kardashian during the show. They know each other. Jen goes over to Kris Jenner’s for dinner. Even still, the whole conversation was super awkward. And it’s not because Jen wasn’t trying. She was fun, she went for all her questions. But Kim’s energy, man, I don’t watch enough of her to know if she’s always like that but is it always so… low? You know what they say about certain performers? That there’s an “it” to them? Kim is not a performer. And when you’re on a talk show, part of that is performance too. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve not yet read this article. I am saving it for tonight. Or tomorrow on my flight. But I have looked at the pictures. And I’m recommending you click here for the pictures. Of Taika Waititi. And his hair. I still feel a little off-balance today. And it’s been 48 hours since we interviewed him on The Social. Are you seeing Thor: Ragnarok this week? (GQ)