This Cinnamon Toast Crunch thing is all over my timeline and my group chats. This is a story of a man named Karp, a shrimp tale allegation, and Topanga. It has everything – a possible scandal, a conspiracy theory, cereal, and nostalgia. (Dlisted) 


The Hunger Games is nine years old?! Yeah… I guess… that tracks. Looking back at Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere, I think this look holds up though I don’t think she would make the same choice today. Which is not a knock. It’s normal for our styles to change with our personalities, where we are in life. Speaking of where she is in her life, back then, would you have predicted that Jennifer Lawrence would be married in less than a decade from this point? And not to an actor? (Go Fug Yourself) 

According to Prince William, he and Kate have not yet been vaccinated but they’re moving through pretty quickly in the UK in comparison to where I live at least so it’ll likely happen soon. At which point I’m wondering if they’ll get a full team British royal family photo together. Given how badly their communications strategy has been lately I wonder if they’ll f-ck that up too. (Cele|bitchy) 


If you have a dog and you live in a place where spring has arrived, how are those noses? Have they been activated? We live with beagles and those noses are always active but lately it’s been overdrive because of the new season smells. Walking one block can take as long as seven or eight minutes because every f-cking cm of everything has to be sniffed. Next up: the shedding. (OMG Blog) 

Have you heard about the new pasta? How long has it been since a new pasta was introduced? This one is called the “cascatelli”. It supposedly looks like a “little waterfall”. All I can see is candy canes and toboggans. (Eater)