I’ve become obsessed with wigs lately. I feel like an idiot asshole for not embracing wigs earlier. Because you can try so many different hairstyles without permanence. Good wig game is a pain in the ass though. Your hair has to be braided super tight. And then sewn together. Like with needle and thread. Then you put a wig cap on. And then you get the wig (lace-front) on and you have to glue it to your temple to make it look natural and so it won’t move. Do you believe her here when she says it’s not a wig? I’m totally seeing a wig. (Dlisted) 

How do you hold a pen/pencil? Were you given a proper pencil holding lesson growing up? How often do you hold a pen these days? Certainly not as much as you used to. Does it feel weird in your hand now? It doesn’t feel weird in my hand but I do notice that I get hand cramps from pen holding a lot quicker than I used to. And it takes me a while to find my writing groove. Like maybe 20-30 words before my writing looks how I want it to. (I think I have nice penmanship, OK?) Anyway, experts are now worried about kids these days not having developed the right hand muscles to hold a pen because they never use them. Thing is… people hold their pens weird, no matter the generation, not just the kids growing up now. Have you ever seen the way Taylor Swift holds a pen? (Jezebel) 
Jennifer Lawrence tried to explain why she couldn’t get through Phantom Thread…and… is it just me or was she actually describing why some people hated watching mother!? At least Phantom Thread doesn’t have bullsh-t annoying punctuation. But if we’re talking about artists making their muses feel like sh-t and she’s criticising it… well…wasn’t that one of the many interpretations of mother!? Phantom Thread, FYI, is a MUCH better movie than mother! Now I’m wondering whether or not she was getting really meta with her response. (Just Jared) 
Emily Ratajkowski got surprise-married the other day. Her husband is a movie producer called Sebastian Bear McClard, which is fitting because Ryan Phillippe played Sebastian in Cruel Intentions and they kind of remind me of each other. Right? It’s that…face. I call it a fight face. The kind of face that shows up on the kind of guy who gets into fights at a bar. I’m sure Emily’s Sebastian doesn’t fight. He just looks like the kind of guy who does.  (Cele|bitchy) 

I think I might be over the split spin in figure skating. You know the one. Most of the top female figure skaters are doing the split spin. Either from the side or the back and it’s supposed to show off their flexibility and I’m sure it’s pretty difficult but it’s also, like in all art forms, becoming kinda stale. Like Justin Timberlake going back to the same old sound. The figure skating exhibition happened at the end of the Olympics. Do you care about the exhibition programs? For some reason, it’s boring to me to see them skate in the dark. I want the bright lights. I don’t like the “show”. (Go Fug Yourself)  

Season 2 of Atlanta! Almost there! And you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO read the New Yorker profile on Donald Glover. This would for sure be the lead story on the next episode of Show Your Work if we were doing one this coming Friday. And I’m hoping it will hold until next Friday when we resume the podcast after a one week Oscar break. Because if there’s anyone we can learn from about work, it’s Donald Glover. (The New Yorker)