Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney stepped out for dinner last night in LA. We are now just nine days away from the Oscars; the Academy announced its first slate of presenters yesterday and while JLaw is not on the list, yet, she has been quietly active during award season behind the scenes. 


Jennifer, of course, is familiar with the Oscar campaign process with one win and multiple nominations, but this time, her efforts are in support of someone else. Brian Tyree Henry is a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee now for his work in Causeway, in which he co-stars with JLaw. She also produced the film, the first through her production company, Excellent Cadaver. So his nomination is a win for her, too, in that it delivered an Oscar-nominated performance with her very first feature. 

Jennifer and Brian became close during the project’s development. Through the press tour, they both shared how their friendship influenced the script, as the story changed through production to reflect their bond and the creative breakthroughs they experienced while getting to know each other. She has hosted screenings in support of his nomination and at the Nominees Luncheon a few weeks ago, he talked about how she manifested his nomination. During filming he said that after every take she’d come up to him and tell him that he’d be nominated. 


Of course, in Hollywood it’s not so much manifestation as campaigning. She may not have been as visible as some other high-profile celebrities, but there’s no doubt she was putting in the effort. As just noted, it’s a huge boost for Brian’s career, but it’s also a big boost for hers as a producer as she moves deeper into her 30s and a new phase in her career. And since Oscar weekend is not just for celebration but a big night for networking, I wonder if we’ll see her show up, either as a presenter or maybe at one of the parties. 

As for her outfit last night, I wish we could get a better look at it because I think I love it. I looooove how drapey this white skirt is. The boots are gorgeous. And her hair is gorgeous, as long as it’s ever been, with perfect beach wave texture.