The Jennifer Lawrence airport pickup

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 27, 2017 18:11:14 June 27, 2017 18:11:14

Jennifer Lawrence showed up at LAX yesterday, not to catch a flight but to pick up a friend. She’s actually been papped a few times the last few days, which is, for her, kind of a lot, given that she’s pretty good at staying out of sight. She and Darren Aronofsky were seen out for dinner and also she was photographed while out for lunch with Quentin Tarantino. So now there’s speculation as to whether or not Jennifer will be the next Tarantino muse.

But let’s get back to her at the airport. I love picking people up the airport. Not to be all Love Actually but it’s always the best part of my day, and my whole week, when I have to pick someone up at the airport. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have to pick anyone up at the airport. Obviously she could have sent a car. Since she didn’t, I’m thinking she likes the thrill of it as much as I do. There’s some stress involved – will there be traffic, how long will it take me to get there? Let me check the flight status, is the flight delayed? Does s/he have luggage, how much time should I allot for baggage claim? – but mostly it’s anticipation.

That said, it looks to me like she’s doing curbside. Which tells me she’s and her friend have done this before. When my best friend Fiona first came to see me in Toronto, I parked and waited. Every time she’s come since, it’s been curbside. Non-scientific conclusion: Jennifer Lawrence is an experienced airport ride.


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