Jennifer Lawrence stayed away from LA on Oscar weekend. I wonder if they called her though, if the Academy invited her to present this year and she was like, nah, I’m all about the New York life right now. She’s on an extended break from acting. There may be some promo to be done for X-Men, but as we’ve seen, Jennifer’s kept it pretty low key – she’s one of the few who means it when they say want to be out of the spotlight. Some of them claim the same and are papped every day for the entire six months they say they weren’t working. 

Also, Jennifer has other things on her mind – like being engaged. When it was first confirmed that she and Cooke Maroney were engaged, I wondered about the rollout of the ring, when she’d give up a good look at it. Didn’t happen at the Oscars but it did just happen at Paris Fashion Week. She’s there in her role as Dior ambassador, front row at the show yesterday. Smart. Why not give up the shot for the people who pay you? In 2014, Jennifer renewed her deal with Dior for three years for a reported $15 million. There’s been no public information since then about another extension although, clearly, there’s been an extension since we’re two years past that contract. Needless to say, Dior’s not complaining about the ring reveal happening on their runway (or adjacent to it) – it’s exactly the kind of value they want from an ambassador and, as an ambassador, it’s exactly the kind of added-value you bring.

As for the ring, though I’m not a ring enthusiast, I love it. I love it because so many celebrity engagement rings over the last while have …not been my flavour. Like Katy Perry’s, which is the most recent one, and Ariana Grande’s teardrop pear cut, or whatever it’s called. And Hailey Bieber’s oval stone. Jennifer’s is a classic emerald cut, it’s enormous, and I like the thin band so much. Is a thin band polarising? Tell me, ring experts.