The story at the box office this weekend is basically that in its second weekend The Flash is tanking. Variety calls it a “catastrophic result” for the movie against its budget and it’ll be interesting now to see how Warner Bros and DC move ahead with their plans, or if they do at all. That said, Barbie is also Warner Bros so the studio will be able to change the conversation about their summer performance in just a matter of weeks. 


The Flash came in third at the box office this weekend, just ahead – and not by much – of Jennifer Lawrence’s No Hard Feelings. No Hard Feelings opened with $15 million which isn’t bad, considering the genre, a raunchy comedy premiering in the summer against all these loud, explosive action features. While fourth place isn’t usually where we see a movie star of JLaw’s status finish on the list, the film did find an audience among women and exceeded pre-weekend projections so for her, it’s something to build on, especially with the overseas market and diversifying her career overall. 

Here's JLaw yesterday in New York with her baby – it’s baby’s first Pride! Not sure if it’s intentional but I do love what she’s doing here, considering the disgusting rhetoric that some people are spreading about Pride and whatever bullsh-t agenda they’re accusing the 2SLGBTQ+ community of pushing on children, particularly where trans issues are concerned. 


In many cities, Pride is for the entire family. Here in Toronto, Family Pride just marked its 24th anniversary, providing space for all people, including families with gender non-conforming members, to stand up for love and acceptance and identity. JLaw is one of the most famous women in Hollywood and she spent her Sunday showing up for 2SLGBTQ+ rights and she did so as an artist and also a mother.