Jennifer Lawrence is still in Paris following the Dior runway show. She was at dinner last night and was photographed wearing a scarf tied around her head like my grandmothers used to do. 


I don’t know what this look is called. Matron scarf? I definitely associate it with women of a certain age, or maybe it’s generation, because women used to Do Their Hair and then not want to mess it up, thus, the scarves. Lainey was just raving about JLaw’s current hair color and cut, but I like this covered-up look, too. Bring back the matron scarf! 


JLaw was just announced as a presenter at the Oscars, do we think she’s sticking around to fit her gown? Other presenters include Rita Moreno, Ramy Youssef—part of the Poor Things crew—Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton, Chris Hemsworth, Regina King, and Bad Bunny. I cannot WAIT to see what Bad Bunny wears to the Oscars. We will be live chatting on The Squawk, and please note that the Oscars start an hour earlier this year, at 6 PM Eastern Time. 

Another newly announced presenter is John Mulaney. He’s fresh off hosting the non-televised Governor’s Awards, where he killed it.



I am not convinced Mulaney would take the big job, it’s such a thankless gig and why put himself through that when his career doesn’t need it, but also… It feels like it’s headed in that direction, doesn’t it. John Mulaney hosting the 2025 Oscars, maybe?