Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went to Paris for the weekend. And it’s been described everywhere as a “romantic” getaway. In addition to her security team, though, her manager, Benny Medina, was also with them. I mean, it’s not weird when you’re a celebrity to be joined by members of your entourage wherever you go, but it’s just a reminder that they’re never really alone.

Anyway, all this was happening while there have been rumours that ARod may or may not have been dealing with another woman even after he and JLO started. To the surprise of no one, JLO doesn’t believe it and/or she doesn’t care. Which is why she posted this on Instagram:

And continued to share photos of them on their “baecation” (gross):


Lunch at the Louvre!! #takemeback 🍎 SWIPE for more pics

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πŸ‡«πŸ‡·#baecation2017. SWIPE for more pics

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Meanwhile ARod has been doing press for Shark Tank (even though no one really cares that he’s on Shark Tank, they just care that he’s JLO’s boyfriend) talking about why they work, how much fun they’re having together, etc etc. And, AND, AND!

Just today she regrammed this from his Insta, promoting HIS show from HER account and urging HER followers to follow HIM on Instagram:

Girl! Who are you working for??!!!

ARod is using the JLO Effect. And it’s working. Check out this post at Refinery29 all about what a difference she’s made to his image. I remain unconvinced. Because of course he hasn’t started being an asshole around her yet. So far it’s been all about him.