Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged last week. This week they happen to be promoting their new sunglasses collaboration. I love it when a plan comes together. 

Here are the sunglasses – a his and hers collection. 


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You know what I want from ARod since he’s so good at filming her on his phone and giving us the “behind the scenes” access? Show us your posing practice sessions. Because FOR SURE they are practising posing together. Or he’s practising his posing under her tutelage. 

In support of the sunglasses, JLo and ARod talked to PEOPLE, their first non-social media public comments since the engagements. was able to generate two separate posts from the interview even though the pull quotes aren’t all that enlightening. One of them, for example, is that they’re “really happy”. Still, content is king. That’s our motto here too. So, sure, I would have tried to squeeze what I could have out of it too. 

Of their relationship, ARod says that: 

We have an appreciation for where we are in our lives today, and that’s what we’re enjoying the most.”

“We’re in similar places in our life,” the former Yankees All-Star adds, explaining that “being born in New York, having Hispanic backgrounds, having two kids and being in the public eye for almost three decades,” has made their bond solid.

Of their partnership, JLo says that: 

“We’re constantly supporting each other and thinking about all the things that we can build together, ” says Lopez. Adds her happy fiancé: “We are very grateful.”

Their latest collaboration with Quay Australia marks their first fashion campaign as a couple, and the duo says they found the experience to be “a lot of fun.”

“It was all new to me, but she’s the master,” Rodriguez said of watching his wife-to-be work her magic on set. “She’s put in her 10,000 hours.”

This is what they’ve been building towards and promising too. Remember when they co-covered Vanity Fair last year? They made no attempt to hide from the very beginning that their intention is/was to be a power couple. That they would use their personal for the professional and the professional for personal and they didn’t bother pretending it was anything else. It’s always been out there, right on the table – a marriage (now literally) of romance and ambition. I’m not mad at it. In fact, as I said then, I like it that they’re calling it what it is. It’s good that they have plans. But when you have a plan, you have to hold up the plan. You have to adhere to the plan. JLo has proven to us to that she can stick to a plan. ARod though? He’s going to stick to the plan, right? 

Attached - JLo out in New York yesterday.