Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez spent Christmas together, with their families, in Miami. It’s their first holiday season together. And there was some speculation leading up to Christmas that an engagement would happen. Well, it didn’t happen at Christmas, but there’s always New Year’s. 

JLO and ARod were back in LA yesterday, seen shopping in Beverly Hills. You can see him on his phone, taking pictures of her. This is where they’re so well-suited. Of course he’s going to document their time together. Of course he’s going to share all of that on his social media accounts. As we saw in their joint Vanity Fair cover feature, these two are building a brand together. And they’re doing it undeniably well. 

Is the brand ready for an engagement? 

Last night they went out for dinner with their kids. This relationship is not yet a year old but the families are already blended. It’s just a matter of time. But when? New Year’s Eve is definitely a possibility but if not New Year’s Eve then maybe their first anniversary? JLO and ARod started dating in February-ish. If he proposes in February, they can show up at the Oscars together on their first red carpet as an engaged couple. 

JLO is a frequent Oscar presenter. She hasn’t presented at the Oscars since 2015. The timing works then to invite her back. And there’s no doubt ARod would clear his entire schedule to accompany her. Speaking of JLO at the Oscars though, how about some Gossip Nostalgia. In 2018, it’ll be the 15th anniversary of this JLO Oscar moment. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars

He is such a miserable f-ck sometimes, non? Pretty sure ARod won’t be making that face if he goes to the Oscars with her. Or this one: 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars

But they probably will be making out in the corner at the Vanity Fair party:

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make out at the VF after party